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  • Guaranteed Capacity on Demand
  • Each campaign is fully customized, unique and personalized for both the brand’s goals and the tone of voice of the creator
  • The dedicated campaign manager will manage your campaign from beginning to end based on your budget and objectives
  • More multi-billion-dollar enterprises prefer our micro-influencer marketing advertising over any other alternative


  • We are all about real people. You don’t have to be someone else
  • Be creative, have fun. Our team uses their expertise to negotiate rates and terms and coordinate the exchange of goods for you
  • Succeed and get paid. Most payments are made every Friday for the postings, except  holidays
  • Learn about payments, rules, and client expectations

Zoom Trans, executing influencer marketing campaigns across Instagram and TikTok social media platforms

A five-step process:

  • Develop an influencer marketing strategy
  • Coordinate the influencer collaboration
  • Guide the creative process
  • Provide a report upon the campaign completion
  • Do it again, either once or a number of times

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